Terms and Conditions

application / reservation

The information and the terms on the house description are the basis of the contract. We allow you special wishes, but only after talking to us and receiving a written approval from us. The application has to be done in written form on our rental application form. It is done by the applicant and he or she has to fulfil all obligations for him or her and all further listed persons. With our written acknowledgement the contract will be obligatory for the applicant. It is not allowed to bring pet animals with you or to smoke in the house! Thank you for your understanding!

Security deposit / remaining payments

You have to pay 30% of the whole rental fee when receiving our confirmation of booking. You have to pay the remaining fee four weeks before the journey. If you decide to make a short-dated booking, i.e. within 30 days before starting the lease the whole rental fee falls due. By a possible decrease of the listed persons at a later time there will be no credit note respectively no repayment.

Changing the booking and resignation / cancellation

For changing the booking a fee is raised from $ 50,00. A resignation concerning e.g. the date of the travel or a cancellation has to be done in written form. You have to hand in your resignation adhering the definitive time limits. Because of a high demand after completion of the contract we must cancel regularly other interested persons. We hope you will understand that we have to charge the follow-up fees caused by cancellation, besides the processing fee of $ 50,00, if you resignate from your booking.

  • Cancellation 120 days prior to departure: 10 % of rental cost
  • Cancellation 90 days prior to departure: 30 % of rental cost
  • Cancellation 60 days prior to departure: 50 % of rental cost
  • Cancellation 30 days prior to departure: 100 % of rental cost

If you provide us a new renter simultaneously with your resignation, we will decline the cancellation fees. A renting resignation insurance can be chosen also for holiday homes trouble-free, e.g. with your flight booking in your travel agency or with your home bank. In this connection the termination of a renting resignation insurance, or travel resignation insurance is urgently recommended.

Extent of the rental contract

The rental contract encloses the object according to the provided information and documents. Without consultation of the owner the house may only accommodate the listed persons in the contract. If there are more people, the owner is allowed to reject them or to demand a surcharge for each of them. The booking or further negotiations are only valid with a written confirmation. Poollifter for handicapped persons, capability 133 lbs. Boat dock with lift, capability max. 10.000 lbs. The use of the whole holiday home area is at your`s own risk.

Obligations of the tenant

The tenant has to treat the object carefully. He is obligated to inform immediately all damages committed by himself during the rental period to the lessor or to the house managment locally and has to pay for it at once.

Arrival and Departure

The key transfer takes place via the local house management after arrangement. As a matter of course our house management will be at your´s disposal during your whole stay in our object. The renting object is usually available starting from 16:00 pm on the arrival day. On the departure day the renting object must be vacated to 10:00 am. Other declarations / agreements concerning the departure time, due to a flight in the evening, are possible after consulting our house management.


If we are not able to make the rental object available to you, we have the right to offer you, as possible, an equivalent accomodation. In case of not being able to offer you an equivalent object or if you are not satisfied with the offered one, the contract can be cancelled from both sides, tenant or lessor. In this case our liability is restricted to the refunding of the amount paid in by the tenant. The lessor is not financially liable for suffered damages to persons or personal property.


Already with arrival determined obvious damages or lack must be announced to the manager locally without delay, otherwise the tenant is responsible for the damage. The tenants loose their claims to a possible refunding of the rent price when they leave the object prematurely with non-observance and without explicit adhesion of the lessor. We please you to understand that complaints receiving us after the end of the holiday abode or after leaving the object can´t be granted and entitle you not to claim for indemnification.

Location of Jurisdiction

Area of jurisdiction regarding possible disputes from the present treaty is the residence of the lessor. In case that any terms of these regulations shall become void, this shall not be of concern to the legal force of the remaining terms. The travel law can`t be used to the lessor because he isn`t a travel organizer. The tenancy agreement is strictly under private law. Due to signing the rental contract, the tenant accepts these regulations.